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Our forefathers were the pioneers of Himalayan salt business which was started in 1953. Initially, they used to sell Himalayan salt lumps in a small shop named as "QADRI'S HIMALAYAN SALT SHOP". They also supplied these Himalayan salt lumps to the Eastern Medicine Practitioners, who used this magical Himalayan salt to formulate herbal medicines. Due to their untiring efforts, in only a short period of time, Himalayan salt was in demand in the local market. This compelled them to buy another shop to use it as a warehouse to keep Himalayan salt lumps in stock in order to meet the demands of customers in time.

In 1978, "QADRI'S HIMALAYAN SALT SHOP" was converted to a small company named as "QADRI SONS". Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, the next generation, introduced Himalayan salt for the first time in granular and powdered form. "QADRI SONS" was credited for supplying fine quality Himalayan gourmet salt in the local market. Meanwhile, "QADRI SONS" started the manufacturing of Himalayan salt bars and massage stones. In the early 90's, "QADRI SONS" introduced natural shaped Himalayan salt lamps and supplied them in the local market. These Himalayan salt lamps gained tremendous popularity, more than any of the Himalayan salt product. This was so, because of the highly beneficial effects of Himalayan Salt. In the start of new Millennium, third generation joined the Himalayan salt business of their forefathers and gave a new dimension to it by introducing machine crafted Himalayan salt lamps. "SUPER SALT LAMPS" was founded in the year 2003 when they started the direct export of Himalayan salt products. In 2005, when "SUPER SALT LAMPS" got the ISO 9001:2000 certification, it became the first Himalayan salt company in Pakistan which was approved according to the International standards. At present, "SUPER SALT LAMPS" is a reputed name in the Himalayan salt industry.

We at "SUPER SALT LAMPS" are the largest manufacturers & exporters of 100% natural Himalayan salt items. We deal in export of a wide range of Himalayan salt products in various sizes and shapes including natural and machine crafted salt lamps, candle/tea-light holders, deodorant/cleansing bars, massage stones, salt chunks, bath crystals and gourmet salt (in granular and powdered form). We also process special orders for salt sculptures, symbols and signs. Today, by the "GRACE of ALLAH ALMIGHTY" we are exporting our Himalayan salt products in more than 22 countries all around the world. We try to be flexible and adjust to our client's needs; we deal with importers, wholesale buyers and retailers.