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    Natural Salt Lamps

    There is no match to Himalayan salt lamps which are 100% natural air ionizers. Proving their usefulness over the last decades, they have now become essential entities of our daily life in one way or the other; a perfect blend of Health & Beauty.

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    Origin of Himalayan Salt

    Himalayn pink salt has its origin in the primal seas of Himalayas. With due course of time, Himalayan salt took birth due to the stratification and drying process. The salt we use comes from this Himalayan salt range formed millions of years ago. After mining, our salt crystals are obtained by hand selection following which they are hand crushed, hand washed and finely ground using the modern techniques.

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    Himalayan Pink Edible Salts

    Without any doubts, Himalayan pink salt is World's best edible salt because it is rich in every mineral and trace elements found in the human body. Salt is absolutely essential for body homeostasis thus playing its role in various bodily processes of great significance including electrolyte system, Central Nervous Sysytem, Locomotor System, Digestive Syestem, Renal System etc.

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    Himalayan Natural Salt Licks

    Our Himalayan salt licks are a deposit of nature made essential minerals. Animals nourished with these licks can easily get enough of the required minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus etc. This enables them to perform efficiently and remain healthy throughout their life span.

Our ancestors were the forerunners and wholesale manufacturer of Himalayan salt lamps which they started in 1953. First of all, a small shop named “Qadri Himalayan salt shop” got popular in the town. They used to sell raw salt rocks to the locals. They also supplied these salt lumps to the Eastern Medicine Practitioners, who used this magical rock salt to prepare herbal medicines. Due to their continuous hard work, in a short time span, rock salt was in demand in the local market. The increased demand of rock salt compelled them to buy another shop which they utilized as a warehouse to keep the Himalayan salt lumps in stock to meet the demands of customers in time. In late 70s, "QADRI'S HIMALAYAN SALT SHOP" was transformed to a small company named as "QADRI SONS". Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, the next generation, introduced Himalayan salt for the first time in granular and powdered form. "QADRI SONS" was credited for supplying premium quality Himalayan gourmet salt in the local market. In the meantime, they started the wholesale manufacturing of Himalayan salt bars and massage stones. In the early 90's, "QADRI SONS" introduced natural shaped Himalayan salt lamps in the local market. These Himalayan salt lamps gained tremendous popularity, more than any of the Himalayan salt product. People were amazed to see the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in their homes. By the start of 2001, third generation joined the family owned salt business of their ancestors and gave a new dimension to it by introducing machine crafted Himalayan salt lamps. "SUPER SALT LAMPS" was founded in the year 2003 as a unique wholesale salt lamps manufacturers. They, for the very first time, started off the export of Himalayan salt products to various countries of the world. Super Salt Lamps had the sole aim to provide their customers with premium quality salt crystal products. In a brief period, it became the leading wholesale salt lamps manufacturer and exporter in the region. When it got the ISO 9001:2000 certification, it became the first Himalayan salt lamps manufacturing company in Pakistan whose products were meeting the international quality standards. Today, “SUPER SALT LAMPS” stands as a reputed name in the Himalayan salt industry and is enlisted amongst the TOP salt lamps exporters of Pakistan. We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of 100% natural rock salt items. We deal in export of a wide range of products in assorted sizes, shapes and colors. We also manufacture customized items as per customer’s demands. Our product range includes natural and machine crafted salt lamps, candle holders, deodorant/cleansing bars, massage stones, salt chunks for sole (pronounced solay), bath crystals, cooking/barbecue slabs and gourmet salt both in granular and fine forms. But, our master pieces are detox lamps, night lights, colour changing salt lamps, pyramids, spheres, fire bowls, rain drops and iron baskets. We also offer salt lamps with USB. By the GRACE OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY, we have satisfied customers in more than 30 countries all around the globe. We deal with importers, wholesale buyers and retails. Being compliant to our customers needs is our foremost priority.
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  • Beauty of Natural salt

    Natural Salt Lamps

    All natural lamps are categorized on the basis of the weight they carry. Each lamp is carefully crafted by hand to retain the beautiful, natural shape of the rock.

  • Custom shapes and designs

    Crafted Salt Lamps

    These are the most common shapes of the crafted salt lamps we produce. In this category, lamps are crafted using modern techniques by experienced artisans.

  • Colors of Himalayan Salt

    Lamps with USB Wire

    USB salt lamps are very new in the product range of Himalayan salt lamps. A very handy size of salt lamp with LED light giving you a magical soothing effect.

  • For Industry, Home and Animals

    Himalayan Salts

    Whether using it as a dietary constituent or melting ice, for animal nutrition or in the industry; Himalayan pink salts are pefect to fulfill all you requirements naturally.

  • About us

    Established over decades, Super Salt Lamps is the leading manufacturer and world wide exporter of Himalayan salt products. It deals in export of a wide range of Himalayan salt items in various sizes, colours and shapes. read more


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