Benefits of Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have significant benefits on our environment and human health. Over the past few decades, Himalayan salt lamp is credited to have vastly improved the human health and quality of our eco system thus benefiting its users all around the globe. The soothing and relaxing warm glow of Natural salt lamps when lit is essential for maintaining the air quality in its surroundings. The most important affect of Salt crystal lamp is the negative ion phenomenon.

Negative ions occur naturally by storms, water falls, sunlight and ocean waves. The -ve ions are necessary for human health. That is why one feel refreshed after a rainfall, or near a water fall or beach. Salt crystal lamps create the same affect in your indoor environment by serving as a natural air ionizer. They generate negative ions in the places where they are placed but in smaller amount. We can increase negative ion generation by placing more than one salt lamps in a spacious room. The negative ions are known to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher mental alertness and increased energy levels. The negative ions neutralize the harmful positive ions emitted from different inevitable electronic devices around us. This includes computers, televisions, micro waves ovens, vacuum cleaners, cell phones etc. Here the role of Himalayan salt lamp come into play where it acts as natural air purifier and air ionizer.

Salt, by its chemical nature is hygroscopic; meaning it attracts water vapors from its surroundings to its surface which quickly evaporates when the salt lamp is lit. This is the most advantageous in humid areas and climatic conditions where dryness is required to avoid allergens and bacteria.

Scientific researchers have approved that distinct colors of light have various effects on our mind body and soul during a 24 hours day; a technique named as chromotherapy. Chromotherapy induced by soothing beams of natural salt lamps help enhance the mood and boost energy levels of mind and body. The soft orange glow can calm your mood and increase your concentration levels enabling you to focus properly on your daily routine activities.

At present, people around the world are benefiting themselves by using Himalayan salts in numerous ways. Some use them as a detox lamp for feet and hands. It can benefit in treating the respiratory issues, blood diseases, rheumatism, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Some use natural salt crystal bars and stones for cleansing and massage purpose to get rid of Arthritis and Gout. Himalayan salt inhalers have been in use for quite a long after their proven effects on asthmatics and persons suffering from allergies. Himalayan salt is significantly used in the pharmaceutical industry for preparation of medicines and saline drips. Also used as a de-icing agent in countries where snowy weather is prevalent. Global chefs and taste makers love to use Himalayan pink salt in their recipes. Detergents having Himalayan salt work as good stain removers in the market. But most common and foremost use of Himalayan salt is as a lamp because it’s a perfect blend of Health, Beauty and Tranquility.

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